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Photography taken on various 3D/4D ultrasound machines: GE Voluson 730 Std/Pro/Expert (BT02/BT05), Voluson E8 Expert BT06, GE Voluson i Portable, HP SONOS 5500/7500, Philips Envisor C, ATL HDI 4000/5000

3D Ultrasound Pictures - Before and After
4D Ultrasound Photo - Before and After

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3D Ultrasound Photo - 17 Weeks Pregnant
17 Weeks Pregnant
3D Ultrasound Pictures - 18 Weeks Pregnant
18 Weeks Pregnancy
3D Ultrasound Images - 19 Weeks Pregnant
19 Weeks Pregnant
3D Ultrasound Imaging - 20 Weeks Pregnant
20 Weeks Pregnancy
3D Ultrasound Fetus - 21 Weeks Pregnant
21 Weeks Pregnant
3D Ultrasound Scan - 22 Weeks Pregnant
22 Weeks Pregnancy
3D Ultrasound Sonogram - 23 Weeks Pregnant
23 Weeks Pregnant
3D Ultrasound Sonography - 24 Weeks Pregnant
24 Weeks Pregnancy
4D Ultrasound Photos - 25 Weeks Pregnant
25 Weeks Pregnant
4D Ultrasound Pictures - 26 Weeks Pregnant
26 Weeks Pregnancy
4D Ultrasound Images - 27 Weeks Pregnant
27 Weeks Pregnant
4D Ultrasound Imaging - 28 Weeks Pregnant
28 Weeks Pregnancy
4D Ultrasound Fetus - 29 Weeks Pregnant
29 Weeks Pregnant
4D Ultrasound Scan - 30 Weeks Pregnant
30 Weeks Pregnancy
4D Ultrasound Sonogram - 31 Weeks Pregnant
31 Weeks Pregnant
4D Ultrasound Sonography - 32 Weeks Pregnant
32 Weeks Pregnancy
3D Ultrasound Photography - 33 Weeks Pregnant
33 Weeks Pregnant
4D Ultrasound Photography - 34 Weeks Pregnant
34 Weeks Pregnancy
3D Ultrasound Womb - 35 Weeks Pregnant
35 Weeks Pregnant
4D Ultrasound Womb - 36 Weeks Pregnant
36 Weeks Pregnancy
3D Fetal Doppler - 37 Weeks Pregnant
37 Weeks Pregnant
4D Doppler Ultrasound - 38 Weeks Pregnant
38 Weeks Pregnancy
3D Baby Doppler Photo/Picture/Image - It's a Boy!
Boy 3D Ultrasound (Male)
3D Baby Ultrasound Photo/Picture/Image - It's a Girl!
Girl 3D Ultrasound (Female)
3D Ultrasound Photo/Picture/Image - Twins!
Twins 3D Ultrasound
3D Ultrasound Photo/Picture/Image - Triplets!
Triplets 3D Ultrasound

4D Ultrasound Videos

GE First Time 4D Ultrasound (YouTube)

4D Sonograms - Pregnancy Health Guru (YouTube)

Find 3D Ultrasounds 4D Ultrasound Locations Near You
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3D Ultrasound 4D Ultrasounds Centers, Providers, Spas

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What is the difference between ultrasounds, sonograms, 2D ultrasounds, and 3D/4D ultrasounds?
Ultrasound is the technology/machine that allows you to view your baby during pregnancy.

A sonogram is the picture taken of your baby during the ultrasound. A sonogram is a "still-shot" image of your baby.

2D ultrasounds work by directing ultrasound waves (ultrasonic sound waves) straight down on the area being examined. These waves are reflected back up and recorded, providing the viewer with a 2D, black and white picture of the fetus.

4D ultrasounds take 3D ultrasound images, or 3D sonograms, and adds the element of time to the process. The added element streams 3D images into a live action animated video of your baby. The procedure is often referred as prenatal imaging, 3D imaging, a 3D scan, or a 4D scan.

2D Ultrasound Fetal Profile3D Ultrasound Fetal Profile4D Ultrasound Fetal Profile

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